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Market Skill-Builder
Financial Markets & Financial Software The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.

Miscellaneous Commands.

The Utility menu.

The Utility menu

The individual Commands are shown below together with relevant notes and explanations where appropriate.

The Print Command     (No Tool)     Alt + P

To Print the entire chart display or a single window and/or save a picture of the display.

Note: If this command fails you may have a printer with insufficient memory to take a "fit-to-page" screen-shot or other windows resources problem: whether or not the print command is successful, the program offers the option to save the display selected for printing, in which case a copy is placed in a new Excel file which you name before saving for subsequent review. Keeping the default-name will cause similarly named files from previous sessions to be over-written.

The Quick-reference Command     (No Tool)     Alt + Q

Displays a one-page summary of all Menus, Commands & Tools: to view a copy : Go there

The Re-Start Command     (No Tool)     Alt + R

Re-sets charts to the beginning of the current trading-period and clears all trading orders and computations.

The New-data Command     (No Tool)     Alt + N

Replaces Price-Data with a new trading-period or data-series.

The New-Data Dialog-Box

The Display Title-Screen Command     (No Tool)     Alt + R

Displays the title screen, including publishers' address, tel & fax numbers.

The Run demo Command     (No Tool)     (No Tool)

Runs a Demonstration program.

The Benefits Summary Command     (No Tool)     (No Tool)

Displays a summary of the program's benefits.

The Purchase Command     (No Tool)     (No Tool)

Generates registration code and displays / prints purchase-order form

The Register MSB Command     (No Tool)     (No Tool)

Accepts registration code received from the publisher and frees all functions inaccessible while the program is in demonstration mode.

The Save Charts Command     (No Tool)     (No Tool)

Saves changes to chart-colours etc.

The Exit Command     (No Tool)     Alt + X

Closes "Market Skill-Builder", and restores any Excel options it changed on opening (eg formula-bar display etc.).

To retain any changes made to trading, display etc. parameters for the next session, select "OK" when asked whether the Program file is to be saved (else select "Cancel").

To re-start trading at the same point, select "OK" when asked whether the Trading file is to be saved (else select "Cancel").

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Financial Markets & Financial Software. The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.