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Market Skill-Builder
Financial Markets & Financial Software The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.

Functional Overview, The Program:

1) Displays synchronised price-charts of real historical data in three time-frames (Long, Medium, Short-term.

Price Bar-Charts


2) Displays up to three associated Indicator charts ("Stochastics" shown here).

Indicator Charts - Stochastics

3) Displays the trading-results and status of open trading-orders in the "Statistics Window", which doubles as a Toolbar.

The Statistics Window


4) Accepts trading-orders via easy-to-use Dialog-Boxes: When the Buy-Limit tool is clicked, or B is pressed, the Order-Entry Dialog-Box is displayed:

Buy-Limit Dialog-Box Order quantity / price can either be selected from drop-down lists (here the trader is selecting a price) or -

Typed by those who prefer keyboard operation, Entering
will open the dialog-box and enter this order (this method is, in fact quicker for experienced users).

5) Also displays Trading results and open-order status graphically.

Pice / Profit / Position Charts The horizontal lines are the levels at which limit and Stop orders were placed by the trader. The two limit orders have been hit (executed), but not the stops.

The middle chart shows profit / loss (Blue line) and Draw-Down as they evolve (Draw-Down is the amount by which the net profit at any given moment is less than its previous maximum). The objective of any serious trader is to achieve a steadily rising profit-curve while minimising intermediate draw-downs.

The bottom chart is a histogram showing the number of open contracts long or short.

In this example the trader entered a limit order to go short at 7550, with a reverse stop at 7565, risking 15 points and planning to go long if the market broke above its most recent short-term high.

When the first order was hit, he entered an order to take profits and reverse to long at 7535, again with a stop - this time below the market at 7515.

At the end of the trading file, the program automatically offers to switch to a full-screen display showing the Bar-Charts (with their history of order-entry levels), the Profit and Draw-Down and the Open position Charts. The trader can then admire the perspicacity with which he effortlessly accumulated his profit or (more likely, regrettably) see exactly where he went wrong as well as what he did right - and learn for the future. Practise makes perfect, as they say. This is the feature which led "Futures Magazine" to award 9/10 to Market Skill-Builder for educational value.

6) Other Features.

Animation 1 : Examples of alternative Displays: (71kb Animated GIF) : Go there
Animation 2 : Order-Entry demo (41kb Animated GIF) : Go there
Animation 3 : Demo of a Trade : (151kb Animated GIF) : Go there
Or skip to : Details of the Menu and Commands : Go there

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Financial Markets & Financial Software. The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.