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Market Skill-Builder
Financial Markets & Financial Software The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.

Selecting Display Options.

The "Display" Menu.

The Display Menu

The individual Commands, associated Tools and Hot-Keys are shown below together with relevant notes and explanations where appropriate.

The Move Charts Command     The Move Charts Tool     V

To Move the entire chart display Left, Right, Up or Down.

The Move Charts Dialog-Box

Moves the whole display Up / Down / Left or Right by the number of screen-points entered or selected in the drop-down edit box : eg if the Short & Medium-term charts fill the screen (the Long-Term charts being "off the screen" to the left), moving right 1/2 screen (240 points on a VGA screen) displays Long and Medium instead. Similarly moving the charts Up will "uncover" the indicator-charts below the bar-charts. This command is particularly useful where a relatively small screen is being used.

The following Tools will move the charts in the indicated direction (by the number of points last selected as above) : The Move Charts Left Tool : The Move Charts Up Tool : The Move Charts Down Tool : The Move Charts Right Tool

The Move Charts to Top-Right Tool : Moves the display back to "Top Right" from wherever it is.

Note: Moving Up can result in the tools being moved off the screen, in which case the hot-key V followed by D will bring the display back down.

The Hide Statistics Command     The Hide Statistics Tool     H

To Hide / Unhide the Statistics Window.

Displays / Hides the trading statistics window (when hidden, all charts are automatically moved up to fill the available space). If the window is hidden (and the tool unavailable) press H to re-show it.

The Full-Screen Tool     ( No Tool)     Alt + F

Toggles the display between Full-Screen and Window modes. NB: If when working in a window you re-size the window manually (by dragging its edges), select any of the layout commands from the Display menu (eg "Last") to re-align the chart display to the right edge of the display area.

The Indicator-Chart Selection Command     The Indicator-Chart Selection Tool     i

The most commonly used technical indicators, RSI (Relative Strength Index), Momentum, and Stochastics are automatically computed and displayed. (See Edit Indicator Parameters Command for details of their computation and parameters).

Additionally, Position-size and Profit and Draw-Down charts, designed to permit visual review of trading activity and strategy are displayed below the short-term bar charts, example : Go there.

To select the order in which the Indicator charts are displayed, first select the time-frame to adjust:

The Indicator Time-Frame selection Dialog-Box

Then the display-order:

The Indicator-Order selection Dialog-Box

Re-select Last Chart Display Command     Re-select Last Chart Display Tool     L

Last re-sets the display to the layout Last Selected: any chart(s) which have been closed, moved, re-sized or otherwise changed using the mouse are (optionally) re-opened / restored / replaced. If inadvertent changes are made to a chart using the mouse, close it by double-clicking its top-left corner, then restore it by selecting this option.

Select the Previous Display Command     Select the Previous Display Tool     P

Previous re-instates the display selected before selection of the current display: if a user has two preferred displays he can "toggle" between the two by selecting this command successively.

Select the Standard Display Command     Select the Standard Display Tool     T

Standard displays 60 periods of each of the Long, Medium & Short-term bar-charts, sized to fit a 480 * 640 screen, with two indicator charts below (or the Statistics window + one indicator chart). On a larger screen, the other indicator charts will be seen below.

Maximise Chart Width Command     (No Tool)     X

Maximise Width displays the maximum available number of periods in each time-frame. The user selects which charts are to be maximised, and whether the Short-Term chart (if selected) is to include the complete history, or just the current trading-period.

Minimise Chart Width Command     (No Tool)     N

Minimise Width displays the minimum available number of periods in each time-frame. The user selects which charts are to be minimised.

Select a Custom Display Layout Command     (No Tool)     N

Custom 1 - 4 displays (one of) four alternative pre-programmed layouts. The "Customise" menu enables the user to set-up and save re-defined these custom displays, see Saving Amended Formats for details.

Short-Term Bar & Trading Results Display Command     (No Tool)     O

Short+Results Switches to a full-screen display comprising the short-term bar-chart above the profit & draw-down and open-position charts (to facilitate review of trading performance). On completion of the trading of each file a dialog-box automatically offers switching to this display. (Select Previous to switch back, and sHow statistics to re-display the statistics window).

The Move Statistics Window Command     (No Tool)     Y

Move Statistics (Laterally), enables users with large screens to move the "Trading Statistics" window laterally (it is sized to fill the width of a 480 * 640 screen).

Next, Customise the Display and Trading Parameters: Go there
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Financial Markets & Financial Software. The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.