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Books - Web Development & Internet

10-Minute Guide to HTML 10 Minute Guide to HTML by Tim Evans : If you have never written a page for the WWW (and want to), this is the book for you: brief, concise, clear, all the neccessary tags explained. Addtitionally, if you want to be sure that your pages are displayed correctly and quickly by all the available browsers (not everybody is using "version 4" browsers with ISDN connections ! ) then staying within the confines of html 3.2 is the safest option. This book used in conjunction with Arachnophilia is how I got Started.

Mastering HTML 4 Mastering HTML 4.0, with CD-ROM by Eric & Deborah Ray : A much weightier tome, including everything you may not need to know about Forms, Javascript, Multimedia, Dynamic html, Style Sheets etc.

Using html 3.2, Java & CGI Platinum Edition Using HTML 3.2, Java 1.1, and CGI : More detailed reference material plus CD Rom with many web-tools.

Harley Hahn's Internet Directory Harley hahn's Internet & Web Golden Directory : On a lighter note, this idiosynchratic directory will point you in the direction of web-pages covering every imaginable subjet, serious and otherwise. Find all kinds of material in here that you would not even think of looking for yourself. Very amusingly written.

More Internet Directories : Go There

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